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How to Earn Money at home this 2017/2018 Naijacoderslab

How to Earn Money at home this 2017/2018 Naijacoderslab 
Welcome to the 21st century where you don’t
have to bother about having millions for
investment just to start a business and other
things like location of your business or people to employ. Thanks to the internet, anyone can start a small scale business and reach millions of people at the same time and grow your business.
All you need are a laptop and probably a working internet connection.
So if you’re a young person who wants to start a business. Maybe you’re a University graduate
who wants to create a job (rather than finding one) or want to try starting a business before you start working. Or maybe you’re a worker who is tired of having a controlling boss and you don’t have enough capital to start your dream million buck business.
In this post, we’re about to look at 10 businesses that you can start today and efficiently run with just a laptop, an internet connection and very little capital.

Most people don’t know that few bloggers make a living strictly from blogging. To attract
advertisers, you typically need a couple thousand unique visitors per day. Think of a blog as a platform to attract other business opportunities. 

Affiliate marketing is another way you can use to make a more than a living from your laptop. It involves promoting other people’s products and collecting a generous commission in exchange for their services. And it actually a lot simpler than you might imagine. And also easier to integrate if you have a blog or a website.

Part of the reason books usually don’t earn back their investment is because they have to pay for an editor. You’ll likely earn more as an editor than an author. And there are millions of editing jobs you can get online. 

4. Web Designer.
This is the 21st century and almost every
business has a website. Those that don’t have are looking for someone to Design one for them. And some website just look old and outdated and the business owners know the importance of them improving their sites.

5. Web Developer.
This is similar to a designer, but a web developer concentrates on the coding part of the website while the web designer just designs the website. 

6. Graphics Design.
If you are skilled at graphics Design, you can
charge a good price for it and work as a freelancer from anywhere.

7. Author.
A lot of people make their living and become
millionaires from writing books. If you are an
expert in a particular topic, you can write about it, or you can read a lot of books about a topic and still write about it. If you think you have a great story to tell the world, also write about it. 

8. Copywriter.
There are millions of websites in the world. If you are an expert in a particular area or niche. You can reach out to these websites and tell them to pay you to write for them.

9. Mobile App Developer.
There were 140 billion mobile apps downloaded to smartphones in 2014. By 2016, the International Telecommunication Union reports that there will be more than 2 billion smartphones in the world and we have every reason to believe the number of mobile apps downloaded annually will increase. 

10. Social Media Manager. 
If you are active across various social media
platforms and you probably know enough about them. Most especially Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and Linked In. You can charge people a good amount to help them set up their social media account including companies, and also run ads for their products.
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