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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Attend A Public University

Incredibly Poor Quality of Education 
Public Universities in Nigeria undeniably have the poorest quality of education. From too large classes with poor teaching aids to very poorly equipped laboratories to non existent academic support-Public Universities in Nigeria are the exact definition of HOW NOT TO RUN A UNIVERSITY.
In comparison private universities have smaller classes-which gives lecturers the ability to teach, impact and follow up Knowledge transfer. Also According to former NUC President, Peter Okebukola Covenant University has the highest per capita investment having spent 70 billion on 13,000 graduates as at 2013. According to NUC, about 40% of Equipment in ABUAD Mechatronics Dept are not present in any other public University. Also the President of Biotechnology Society of Nigeria also commented that Covenant university has the best Biology(Molecular Bio lab) in all of Nigeria.

Public Universities aid Criminality
Who doesn't know that Lautech is the Den of Internet Fraudsters? Public Universities generally aid all sorts of vices that are never found in Private Universities e.g Cultism, Cyber fraud, Sexual Assault etc. In contrast Private Universities are the true certifiers of "Character and Learning" - Students are monitored closely and there are huge consequences to erring which serves as deterrence to possible future offenders. 
Also 99% of the Corrupt politicians in public service today graduated from public universities and started their criminality way from School. Have you heard of claims of OAU SUG looting association funds? Have you ever heard Covenant, Landmark and Abuad SUG loot anything even though they equally handle millions?

Poor Academic Support
Students of Public Schools are discouraged from succeeding in life - they are taught not to aspire for the best and if they do they are cut down. Many public universities take glory in depriving students of their deserved grades even though foreign universities like imperial college graduates about 41% of their graduating class as First class in their last convocation ceremony. This invariably affects the pysche of most graduates of public universities that they develop a sort of Stockholm syndrome where they actually appreciate the abuse and allow it foster where they eventually get to work. They end up believing that Stress is equal to Quality.Today most private universities have about 10% first class rate which is very encouraging.

Erratic and Poor Campus Conditions
From poor power supply, to poor residential arrangement to careless citing of Academic infrastructure. Public Universities are once again the way not to run a Universities. Many public universities house people on campuses like feral rats. Much of their residences are not fit for criminals in saner climes. Their libraries are usually deficit of good books and the ones available are usually torn.

Unstable Academic Calander
The only thing as unstable as public universities calendar is Nigeria's electricity supply. Public universities are erratic and complicated. If it is not ASUU it is NASU or NAAT or whatever. This is the complete opposite in private universities where staff development is prioritised and the lecturers can teach at their best rather than concentrating on teaching and imparting and not when next to have a show down with govt.

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