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7 Steps on how to be a better programmer

7 Steps on how to be a better programmer

To become or be among the awesome developers community,you don't neccessary need to have a laptop ,attend a programming school
Since technology is fast growing and making the world a global village; there are a lots of websites where you can learn coding for free or paid portals.
I remember back then when i was using the wapka platform ,i code any of my projects just with Nokia C1-01 and later switch to Techno T365.
Now that there are smart phones everywhere - a lot of projects can be done even with out having a computer .
For example : some software developers have be able to manova(develope) programs(softwares) that runs on smartphones just exactly like that on other computer do . We all know that Xampp,Wamp,Aimps,Mamp e.t.c gives room for Apache,Php,Mysql,Tom cat
You can still download softwares like that on your smartphone just by visiting the Google playstore ,or Apple store.
In other to be a outstanding developers ,you need to read in details the following contents.
1. GOD first = > For you to excel in anything you do in life ,you need to always acknowledge presence GOD's presence who is the souce of your inspirations.
2. Chose a programming language = > choosing a programming language to code in can be done by researching on things about programming and examples of programs written in that particular language.
3. Dedicate your Time = > I assume by now you have choosen a programming language of your choice(suits you).
So you need to dedicate time and energy to make what ever projects you do in that language come live successfully;
Let's take "Facebook" as a case of study the founder Mark Zuckerberg devote alot of time ,also let's check out the number search engine in the world as at now "Google" Sergy Brin and Larry Page dedicate time ,energy and spend alot to make it become the universe popular search engine -
So ? These beings are worth emulating .
4 . Laptop -> Smartphones -> Data = > Earlier in this article i said things concerning laptops and smartphones , having a laptop will be very good because it will definitely go a long way by making development environment also try to have data connection for online purpose.
e.g mifi , wifi , modem or even your smartphone data.
5. Courses = > There are lots of courses on the web so if you are financially not fit - look for free courses or search for paid courses as well .
Examples of site offering free course -> Sololearn,Codeacademy,W3schools,Freecodecamp,Khanacademy e.t.c.
6. Participate in online quiz to test your ability,contribute to open source and learn another new programming language.
7. Last but never the list = > Read about successful developers,their quotes and other related stuffs , just like i do say .
programming or coding related stuff is learnt by examples and also thinking and typing .
It will be appreciated if you shared this and clapped.
That's all hope it help fellas
source: naijacoderslab

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